Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yummy Recipe Swap Packages Sent and Received

Want to swap some handmade recipes and goodies with other recipe collectors and friends?

Then check out Yummy Recipe Swap over on Flickr. It is a great place to swap all kinds of recipes weather for eating or gardening or spas fromt he kitchen or this month's new swap, "Cooking Tips" fun fun fun!!!!
The Spa recipe one I made for Clasheen included a sponge with a hand crocheted top for the bath.. :) and I made a little booklet recipe for the spa treatment I sent..

This one was for sweet month Valentine's and I chose a coconut recipe...which I sent on to Always Joy we have to send one ingredient along with the recipe too... :)
I got this lovely package from Vickyplum with handmade egg cozys and heart cutters and cute strawberry fat 1/4 and heart buttons.. :)

This was the jar recipe I sent to my partner.. funkyluke I sent her the currant rice made with rasins.
And the swap for "Mixed in a Jar" and this is what I got from Always joy ....it even had the cutest corn cob holders with it....and a neat hotpad....

Then we had the one for the garden...I decided to make recipes for rich potting soil and bug sprays made from the kitchen. I had a lot of fun making up the package..I even got one of those cute squirrmy rubber worms that lights up when hit, and pictures of my flower beds, an emery board made in the shape of a leaf, some soil fertilizer cubes, flower seeds, and a handmade recipe card booklet I made from pretty scrapbooking paper and tied it together with a piece of yarn...

This is the lovely tote bag Girly girl Bags made me to go with my spa package she sent me. Isn't it the cutest print...See the coffee scrub spa treatment recipe it came with yummy smelling coffee beans too... :)

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