Monday, May 11, 2009

Recipe Handmade Cards for Gifts

Handmade recipe cards make wonderful "cost saving" gift for anyone. A friend, Mom, sister, a neighbor, teacher, mail lady, your favorite hairdresser or nail lady. Just about any occasion it is a welcomed gift. After all we all need recipes for our parties or get togethers. I love getting them and you can then put them into a "Scrapebook" recipe book. What a great way to store those recipe cards!

What you'll need:
Cardstock [Michael's or any crafting store has a wide variety]
Index cards or whiter or cream color cardstock
stickers [any craft store even Walmart]
decorative hole punches
stamps [in any design desired]
How to make it:
You can either purchase cardstock paper at your craft store or you can print on printer paper and glue to index cards. I recommend using the cardstock paper.

Basic Directions:

  • Decide on whether you will use 3x5" or 4x6" recipe cards. (Hint: Whether you are going to put it into a card holder or a scrapebook will determine the size]
  • Layering your recipe cards are fun
  • use a larger card stock paper for the backing maybe 5x7
  • then print out your recipe card
  • glue it to a smaller one like 4x5
  • then glue the recipe card to the 5x7 paper backing
  • add your stickers or buttons around the edges
  • maybe punches of stamping designs
  • always put your name and who its to with the date on the back using a pretty glittery ink[that is if you haven't already typed it on the front of the recipe card. This is i,portant to do if you plan on putting it into a scrapebook]

Genreal Directions:

  • Choose a theme [like if it is for a dinner mabye you want stickers with forks, or candles, or if its a bar b que maybe some stickers of cooking outside, or ants, or grills, you decide]
  • pick out some decorative stickers or buttons to match your theme
  • Either write your recipes on the cards or use your computet [ I suggest for better reading to use your computer. There are many available templates.]
  • f you give them as gifts, you can make one or several and tie them together with a pretty ribbon or wrap them up in tissue paper or netting and tie with ribbon or yarn.
  • Add a few theme related gifts, such as a jar of bar b que sauce with your bar b que recipe. It is always great to include one of the ingredients with the recipe or all of the ingredents in a basket.
  • You can also do a 4 season theme and make 4 recipes with a theme for each season.
  • Or theme it to a holiday and put the recipes and the themed extras into a basket
  • How about making a recipe that is not edible, but instead one for a Kitchen Spa, Garden, Pet recipe [for food or cleaning items], or even one to prepare you for a party like a "B" day or tea party.

There are tons of ideas for recipes and making them themed with a few little extras goes a long way and will be very appreciated by any person you decide to give it to!

Happy recipe making!

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Justin Roberts said...

There is nothing better than personalized gift that show love and care and what better way to show this than handmade recipe cards. Thank You for the tutorial. It’s easy and helpful.