Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Knit/Crochet Spring Fling Party Recipes

Our annual "Spring Fling" party at my house for my LYG was a blast and as usual I had to come up with a theme...I decided on butterflys and flowers....I searched the Internet and found this cute ideas on About and made regular cupcakes and bought some gummy worms for the bodies and cut them in 1/2, then I used sugar sprinkled jelly candies and sliced them in 1/2 and used them for the wings, the feelers were made from fun...

the "Dirt" flower pots I "tweeked" a little, I bought some pound cake and pushed it into the bottom of the little pots I found at Michaels, then made some chocolate and vanilla pudding and put that in, then topped it with crushed Oreos to look like dirt. Before adding the pudding and cut a straw to size and pushed it into the pound cake. then at the end stuck a floer into the straw and used the left over gummy worms on top...and there you have your flower easy and perfect for any spring or summer party!!!

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