Friday, November 9, 2007

What Does Your Waiter Ask You? Sweet Potatoes Plain???

I read an article by By Frank Bruni, "Serving in Tougues" today that got me thinking??? Now I know this not directly about sweet potatoes, but it could be? Just think when you go into a restaurant and want to order sweet potatoes as a side order and want it plain, and the waitress yells so that the whole restaurant can hear it, "What no butter? How about sour cream? On the side maybe? Are you sure you want it plain????" Is she deaf or what????
I mean how many of us go into restaurants and have waiters ask us really silly questions like this? Or maybe like; "would you like to enjoy another ice tea?" Enjoy??? What does that mean, or, "Are you finished working on your plate?" Now what am I doing with it? Construction anyone? And Mr Bruni has another one that I hear more than too often, "How do you feel about dessert?" Well let's see I feel good about it, its a delicious idea and I love the taste and.... I mean how am I suppose to answer????
Mr Bruni says he is tempted to answer,“Guilty,” Or: “That it can’t possibly be worth the price on the menu.” I agree whole hearted with the last one as dessert is usually way over-priced!He suggests that we be more direct when asking a patron about their lunch or dinner like saying something to the effect, "Can I clean your plate off table for you?" or "Do you want more ice tea?"I think my biggest pet peeve is the drive-thru fast food speakers that yell back at you in the middle of you ordering, "Do you want cheese on that?" or "Do you want chocolate cake?" Now if I wanted cheese on it or chocolate cake I would have said so and ordered it! Right? But before you even get the whole order out of your mouth of what you want and how you wnat it, they are screeching into the mike about something else and then the order never comes out right anyways!!!!
Ahhh life in the fast lane......
Tomorrow more on facts and opinions and recipes.......

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carlaj22 said...

I just dropped in from NaBlo. Trying to visit a lot of bloggers, see some new sites, and make a few friends along the way.

I find as I get older that I also get more patient about most things. I must have really good servers when I go out because I've never encountered any of the things you mention. Except the fast-food, of course. I figure they can't help it - those speaker systems rarely work correctly.