Friday, November 16, 2007

Sweet Potato Madness

Ok now this is weird....a doggy bone made from Sweet Potatoes???

Its Called Buddy Biscuits Sweet Potato Madness.... yummy Its actually for dogs with allergys? Huh?

Cloud Star Buddy Biscuit Sweet Potato Madness Treats are WHEAT and CORN FREE (2 common allergens) making them a nice and yummy treat for dogs with allergies. Also free of soy, sugar, salt, dairy, and egg. Vegan and vegetarian approved.Ingredients barley, spelt, vegetable oil, fresh sweet potatoes, mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E - a natural preservative).
Dogs love Buddy Biscuits Ok now I have heard it all....

1 comment:

Christine said... is true! Sweet potatoes are good for dogs. I have thought of getting recipes on-line and cooking up a batch... much cheaper than bought biscuits. Its not mad...tell me that I am not crazy..LOL