Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cool Snacks


Here are 10 great snacks to keep you cool................

  1. Try some cooled hard boiled eggs with a little sea salt
  2. a Smoothie is great it will fill you up and give you energy along with a quick cool down
  3. Frozen Grapes are great they give you a cool mouth and also are sweet without any milky base
  4. Cold Noodle dishes are delicious and have terrific filling attributes
  5. Of Course Ice Cream is a favorite, any flavor does the trick
  6. Ice cold Water is the best for filling you up so you don't eat too heavy and also to cool your insides, plus add a lemon or orange slice for a little flavor
  7. Spicy foods are another way to go, they make you sweat and then cause a cooling feeling with the outside winds or a fanning
  8. Jerky, homemade is the best, it is a good one for substance and fills you up
  9. Watermellon is terrific it not only cools you up but you can eat a ton and not gain a lot since it is mostly made up of water. :)
  10. Spring Rolls are great just roll them up and fill your tummys!

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