Friday, June 17, 2011

Smores Slumber Party

Smores are a favorite of mine...So last Saturday when the gals and I got together for a stitchin Slumber Party I made some for us to munch on while we enjoyed watching "Welcome to Mooseport" with Ray Ramone and "Housesitter" with Steve Allen and Goldie Hawn...yummy...

This is the easy way...

You'll need:
  • a jar of Marshmellow cream
  • some graham crackers
  • 1 bag of semi sweet chocolate pieces
  • break the graham crackers in half
  • spread some marshmellow cream on one half
  • sprinkle with chocolate pieces
  • top with 2nd half
  • microwave for 33 seconds [depending on your microwave]
Enjoy and watch out they are addictive!!!


Anonymous said...

s'mores and a slumber party what else could go better than that?

Anonymous said...

anyone having a party this weekend i have no plans so i could go, right?

Anonymous said...

DaBookLady here hop you all loved this recipe because it will be your last!;P