Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Little Talking from the Peanut Gallery

"The Kingdom of Peanutopia Bands Parping!!!

Ok I agree the first part is not about a recipe and I usually do not get into politics, but this was too good to not post...

And I quote Peter Pan Paker, Imperial Potentate of the Kingdom of Peanutopia, announced today on the WGNG[World Council on Noble Gases] who has banned peanut parping; "Due to the extraordinary amount of combustible methane gas being released into the Kingdom of Peanutopia's atmosphere. there are some serious concerns here in the Kingdom, continued health of our valued politicians during their sometimes heated debates.

The severve penalties are as stated; "Those who persist in parping will be cauterized and both the purpetrators and their families will be shipped to Billy Carter's Butter Factory in Plaines, GA." Continued: