Monday, June 18, 2007

Is Chocolate good for you? Should we eat it or not?

Here's a good question... "Is chocolate good for you or not?" I mean first chocolate it is not a good thing for us to we all stay away from it...[well we tried] and now what???? Now they say that; [and I quote from an article from Dr Rich the Researchers of the American Society of Hypertension Annual Scientific Meeting in New York] "consuming dark chocolate and cocoa improves the function of blood vessels." So.. do we eat chocolate, or do we pass it up and torture ourselves from the most wonderful smooth and sweetest delights in this universe?

I mean do you realize chocolate has been around since the 1800s? It has been noted that chocolate will stimulate and release endorphins in our bodies, that are natural body hormones and will generate good feelings. I mean it will actually make you feel happy! And some say that it will help your heart??? Is it true? Well maybe so, I know it will make me want to sneak an extra piece more often now that I know its good for me!

Now on the otherhad for your dog or can be poison to them. It has something to do with the animlas metabolisism. It's a lot slower than us humans so the chocolate ingredient theobromine cannot digest. Any dose is not safe for your pet. Rule of thumb is "Keep ypur pets away from chocolate." It can affect thier internal organs such as their kidneys, heart, or even their nervous system. BEWARE!

Take the Personality Chocolate Quiz or take the quiz to see if you are a CHOCOHOLIC or the chocolate Trivia test? Where are you?

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